The traditional weekly shop is in decline as shopping online for essentials becomes routine

1 in 5 now shop online on a daily basis

London, Dec 18 2014 Research released today from BuzzCity, the global mobile advertising network reveals that the traditional weekly shop, though evident, is in decline, as a new habit has evolved amongst shoppers who now shop frequently, almost daily. The research was conducted amongst 4700 consumers from 25 countries, across five continents.

Online food shopping has seen a 100% increase, from 8% regularly shopping online for food and groceries in 2012 to 16% in 2014. These ‘new shoppers’ buy the same products - but only when needed - enjoying the convenience to browse different sites for better offers. Now, 1 in 5 of us shop online on a daily basis.

Positive experience encourages endorsement

This trend is expected to grow, with fewer people ‘stocking up’ during their weekly or monthly shopping. But the true value of the online shopping experience is best exemplified by the 1 in 4 (27%) shoppers who, despite only browsing products online, would recommend sites to others, proving that a positive experience online can reap rewards for retailers.
Despite an expected decline in electronics and digital content, demand is set to remain high. Upsurges in the purchase of children’s toys, clothing and home ware are predicted for the holiday period. Rare online annual visits, by 1 in 5 (19%), are likely to be planned purchases - bargain hunters looking for holiday offers during the heavy discounting periods of Black Friday and Cyber Monday – and are also likely to be the largest in basket value.

Dr KF Lai, founder and CEO at BuzzCity comments “The click & collect, reserve in store and next day delivery services that most brands now offer are a prime example of how retailers are fully maximising online as a complement to in-store shopping. This combined with consumers increasing confidence in online and mobile purchasing illustrated the blurring of boundaries between online and in- store shopping.

Dr Lai continues “Brands that create a positive online environment for their customers will succeed as it is clear that providing a superior experience encourages recommendation, loyalty and referral.”

Data is derived from on-going studies across the BuzzCity Ad Network and is shared as a precursor of mainstream consumer behaviour. Detailed results for the “Online Shopping Routines 2014” can be found here.


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