Brand Safety Policy


BuzzCity is committed to provide a brand-safe environment for our Advertisers. We strive to achieve transparency and control over how brand campaigns appear on Publishers in our network.

Brand Safe Channels

Currently BuzzCity provides brand-safe Channels where Publishers are classified into News & Information, Portals, Utilities and Entertainment & Lifestyle. These Channels are grouped together to create a brand-safe environment for Advertisers. Brand Advertisers should target the brand-safe Channels only as described below:

  • News & Information: Sites/apps that contain brand-safe editorialized current affairs content covering News (Global/ National/ Business/ Sports), Search, Education, Books and References, Weather, Medical and Transport information.
  • Portals: Sites/apps that contain brand-safe applications & content downloads (such as Videos, Games, Music, Wallpaper) in directory-type listings.
  • Utilities: Sites/apps that contain brand-safe productivity tools (such as Organizer, Converter, Navigation, Drawing, etc.)
  • Entertainment & Lifestyle: Sites/apps that contain brand-safe editorialized lifestyle-themed content covering TV & Video, Music & Radio, Magazines, Travel, Shopping, Photography, Health, Beauty & Fitness, Food & Drinks, Sports, Gadgets & Technology and Games

Publishers included into brand-safe Channels are monitored and evaluated by a dedicated team. All brand-safe Publishers must adhere to the BuzzCity Content Guidelines and BuzzCity Brand Safety Policy.

Direct Publisher Activity

BuzzCity obtains the majority of our inventory through direct Publisher relationships. In addition, BuzzCity also utilizes Supply Side platforms (SSPs) and Ad Exchanges to acquire some of our inventory. If inventories from these platforms are included into the brand-safe Channels, the SSPs and Ad Exchanges are required to conform to the BuzzCity Brand Safety Policy.

Buying Platform Controls

BuzzCity has implemented a number of platform controls including Content Verification tools to minimise brand misplacement:

  • All ads are manually inspected to ensure placement in intended Publisher Channels.
  • BuzzCity runs automated inspections on all URLs in brand-safe Channels based on Advertiser and Publisher activity. These URLs are put through checks against keyword and domain blacklists.
  • Performance is monitored by the BuzzCity team. Using BuzzCity's Fraud detection systems, all activity running on the network, including Publishers in brand-safe Channels, are monitored for fraudulent or abnormal activity (bot-clicks, forced clicks, abnormal clicks pattern, etc.)
  • Publishers that are found to violate any of BuzzCity Publisher, Content or Brand Safety Guidelines and Policies will be removed from brand-safe Channels. In addition, they may have their domains and sites blacklisted.

Domain Lists

Blacklist Policy

BuzzCity uses automated tools and manual processes to continually check all sites running in brand-safe Channels. BuzzCity will blacklist any keywords and domains that are associated with (but not limited to) the following content:

  • Adult/ Pornographic
  • Adware/ Malware
  • Bootleg/ Counterfeit/ Fake goods
  • Fraud
  • Hate/ homophobic/ racist speech
  • Illegal activity
  • Illegal media downloads
  • Illegal drugs
  • Medication/ medical services
  • Offensive/ shocking language
  • Political content
  • Sexual/ Sexual orientation
  • Violence/ Gore
  • Weapons/ Munition/ Firearms
  • Any other offensive or objectionable content in BuzzCity's sole judgment

BuzzCity reserves the right to take swift actions without notice against errant Publishers in order to protect Advertisers including, but not limited to, the immediate suspension of the Publisher and all its related accounts. If the Publisher is in violation of the BuzzCity Brand Safety Policy, it will be removed from brand-safe Channels. If there is a serious violation or misrepresentation, the Publisher and its related site(s) may be blacklisted and/or suspended. If fraudulent activities are detected, the Publisher account(s) may be suspended. Any suspended Publishers will have their unpaid earnings forfeited. Upon request from Brand Advertisers, specific Publisher sites or apps can be blocked from campaigns for the Advertiser.

Whitelist Policy

Whitelists are used for Advertisers who want to target only specific sites or apps. Whitelists can be effected by Advertisers by using the Site-Targeting feature on BuzzCity platform (you may contact your Account Manager for assistance).

Brand misplacement

Any incidents of brand misplacement identified by Agencies, Advertisers, or Publishers can be notified to Please provide BuzzCity with as much information as possible including the date, time and site/app in which the Ad was displayed with the Brand being advertised and the reason why you believe it was misplaced. A screenshot of the brand misplacement would be helpful.

Takedown Policy

Should an ad appear on a Publisher that an Advertiser deems to be inappropriate or objectionable, the Advertiser can lodge a takedown request using our online form and other communication channels such as email.

All requests received on weekdays from 9am to 6pm (GMT+8 Singapore) will be undertaken with an investigation within 24 hours. Outside the afore-mentioned hours, requests will be investigated within 72 hours. To protect your brand placement, you can choose to pause the campaign immediately when you submit the takedown request.

The consequences of not taking down an ad in accordance with our Takedown Policy are evaluated and agreed with the buyer on a case-by-case basis.

Should you require any clarifications about any of the above information, you may email