Our engineering team, based in the Singapore HQ, is the backbone of our business. The team manages our systems and facilities that form the infrastructure for The BuzzCity Ad Network. The team is supported with on-going R&D that keeps the company's mobile infrastructure updated and strategic development that helps our partners grow their business with our ad network.

  • Lee Cjin Pheow Principal Engineer, Co-Founder

    Cjin Pheow designed and implemented the first backbone of the BuzzCity service and continues to play an important part in improving it. He is instrumental in constantly keeping the company's mobile infrastructure updated with the latest technologies. Like Kok Fung and Clifford, Cjin Pheow was an engineer at KRDL, where he won the Technical Innovation Award in 1995. Cjin Pheow won a public scholarship to study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned both a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Computer Science.

  • Paul Loke Director (Project Management)

    Paul leads our project management office to provide strategic development, for mobile advertising agencies and publishers to integrate and grow their business through the BuzzCity Ad Network. He is also involved in project management planning, solution consulting, and product enhancement to extend BuzzCity's mobile services globally.

    Prior to joining BuzzCity, Paul spent 15 years in the areas of Smart Card/Contactless Card Payment, Financial Services Payment, ID Security and Mobile Payment Industries. In recent years, his focus was on areas of near field communication technology, mobile commerce services and eGIRO payments in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Previous companies Paul has worked in include StarHub, Banking Computer Services Pte Ltd (BCS) and Gemalto. Paul holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology from the University of Newcastle.

  • Koo Pak Yee BrianHead (Associate Systems)

    Pak Yee leads the Associate Systems at BuzzCity where he manages the core technologies of BuzzCity Advertising Network for Publishers and Advertisers. His responsibilities include the e-Payment solutions for the network to ensure that online transactions for partners are processed securely and smoothly. His extensive experience helps in meeting the dynamic needs of the online advertising industry and extending BuzzCity Advertising Network's reach.

    Prior to joining BuzzCity, Pak Yee was a developer at INTEL Corp. and managed a system for internal payroll. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University Malaysia Sabah and was awarded a Book Prize for outstanding achievement.

  • Wang KunHead (Publisher Platforms)

    Wang Kun leads the Publisher Platforms team at BuzzCity and is responsible for delivering solid advertising solutions to publishers including server side, client side and mobile application SDKs integration. She is also in charge of exploring and leveraging services and technologies related to Rich Media, Conversion Tracking, Programmatic Buying, Ad Exchange and Real-time Bidding. Her extensive mobile and cloud computing experience helps in providing large scale publisher side services with high performance.

    She was previously involved in developing and maintaining BuzzCity Media properties by using open-source Content Management System framework.

    Wang Kun holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Info-Communications Engineering from School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. She was awarded full scholarship for her undergraduate studies there.

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