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A comprehensive reference source for advertisers, publishers and media commentators, The BuzzCity Report provides a quarterly roundup of our activity in key markets, along with forecasts, features and analysis of new developments in the mobile internet.

Volume 4 Issue 3 - July 2014

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In the latest edition of The BuzzCity Report, we look at the recent growth of the network as more advertisers include mobile as part of their integrated marketing activities.

During the first half of the year, retailers and online stores competed for mobile audiences as consumer activity increased. Carriers were among the most active to meet consumer demand for content, particularly video. This has helped to drive content consumption in markets across South Asia, but in key African markets, industry players are hoping for lower data rates to support growth.

You will find results of a survey commissioned by the Mobile Marketing Association that investigates online shopping behaviour among mobile users. The report highlights challenges faced by retailers and shares insights for marketers to tap into the decision making process of the consumer.

You will find the survey summarized here as an info graphic

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Case Studies

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