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Volume 4 Issue 2 - April 2014

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In the last quarter the network grew by another 15% and each day we deliver close to 1 billion advertiser banners.

More household brands are advertising on mobile and not least among them are banks and financial services. Digital, and in particular mobile, of course offers opportunities for financial services to reach new market segments and deliver a different customer experience. Consequently, mobile banking has come to mean different things to different banks and each deploys mobile to suit their customer base.

In this report, we observe some growth of mobile banking, the rise of mobile-based banks and learn that many are yet to uncover the value proposition of banking with mobiles.

More people are adopting mobile banking, and finding it easy and useful up but adoption has not seen more growth primarily because feel they do not need mobile banking. Adoption has defied popular belief of age bias but appears to have a gender bias.

We continue to look at those hotspots that have attracted advertising dollars and are likely to do so in the coming months. We note particular advertiser interest in Pakistan and Bangladesh while rapid growth continues in Latin American markets.

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