1. Why is BuzzCity building Djuzz?

Distribution costs can be high (especially when mobile businesses expand internationally) and there are few free independent distribution channels, particularly in the lucrative emerging markets.

2. What are your key markets?

Key markets are primarily English and Arabic-speaking, with significant and growing Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Malay and Thai markets.

3. Who are Djuzz’s Content Partners?

We partner with anyone who develops mobile games and apps that mobile users are looking for.

4. How does content get monetized in Djuzz?

We don’t keep a cent of the revenues generated from the games and apps listed on our site, whether they are ad-supported or “try and buy”. Our distribution service is 100% free, and we earn revenue by expending the BuzzCity ad network, and serving our network ads on the various pages of Djuzz.

5. What content is Djuzz looking for?

We’re looking for any and all casual games and apps, whether they’re free, try and buy, advergames, productivity tools, customisation apps, or anything else that users are looking for.

6. What type of content works best?

Users are hungry for:

• Casual games that can be played/used over brief periods
• Productivity-oriented tools that can enhance users’ normal routines
• Personalisation apps (where users generate their own original content)
• Branded games or applications that relate to popular culture

7. How does Djuzz handle certain restrictions for content?

Djuzz gives you several targeting options for content such as:

  • Country (countries, regions or global)
  • Device (specific handsets, or all handsets)
  • Features (targeting specific phone features such as music player, Bluetooth, etc)

8. How is Djuzz promoted?

Djuzz works closely with other mobile media partners, and builds on the distribution strengths of sister sites like myGamma, Djuzz and Now-Cook. We regularly run campaigns on partner sites to ensure that mobile users are constantly engaged.

9. What will I need to start?

  • Download and sign the Distribution Agreement.
  • Our producers will contact you about content submission. This typically includes the preparation of
  • (Binaries and Marketing Materials)
  • Submit your apps via FTP (or provide us with access to your repository for content extraction)
  • Advise our producers of the action you’ve taken, and wait for your contents to be live on the site.

10. How do users download a game?

  • Users visit m.djuzz.com on their mobile device.
  • They select from the wide variety of games, and download.

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