About myGamma

myGamma is an online community which is accessed through any mobile phone handset with an internet connection. It has an average of over 5 million page views each day, and over 4.8 million registered users.

It has a presence in 89 countries, and the interface is available in 165 languages, maintained by a network of 5,300 member-translators.


Promote your brand on myGamma

Brands are flocking to myGamma to establish a mobile social media presence, and drive their message to our audience of thousands of ‘unwired’ mobile users who are not connected to traditional media outlets – at no cost.


myGamma Circle

Many businesses have attempted to set up a social network for their target audience, and failed. Why? Because it takes significant time and expense to create a social network, and then, further time and energy to attract the critical mass of users that will form a community. As they say, a social network is only valuable if your friends are there already!

myGamma Circle allows you to set up your own FREE mobile internet social network – instantly! The resulting site promotes your brand or service alongside enticing chats, mobile blog content and user generated interaction from the m.mygamma.com mobile social networking site.

And the best part? The moment you activate your Circle, you will already have over 4.8 million existing registered users!


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