Key Milestones

BuzzCity is a private company registered in Singapore. Our company is owned by a number of individual shareholders, venture capital funds and corporate investors, including OWW Capital Partners and Exploit Technologies

  • 1999

    Founding of BuzzCity as a venture-funded technology company that allows users to track website updates.

  • 2000

    BuzzCity is named E50 Dotcom Company for innovation for 2 years running.

  • 2001

    BuzzCity is incorporated in China & Malaysia.

  • 2003

    The company turns its first profits by offering a CPA platform to distribute premium mobile content online. This is an instant hit in China.

  • 2006

    BuzzCity Named a Red Herring 100 Asia Company

  • 2007

    BuzzCity wins GSM Mobile award 2007 (for myGamma)

  • 2007

    With the growth of mobile internet and the turn of tide in mobile service landscape in China, BuzzCity refocuses to the rest of the world with its new CPC mobile advertising platform.

  • 2007

    The BuzzCity Ad Network served 45 million ads in Jan '07; in Dec '07, the network served 445 million ads. BuzzCity Thailand begins operations.

  • 2008

    BuzzCity begins operations in Mumbai, India. In Dec '08 the network served 3.2 billion ad banners

  • 2008

    We are awarded Gold Award for "Best Progress in Emerging Markets" at the Mobile content Awards and Conference and GSM Global Mobile Awards '08

  • 2008

    Silver Medal for Contribution to Mobile Web 2.0 at the Future Mobile Awards by Juniper Research

  • 2008

    BuzzCity Named National Infocomm Authority Award Winner

  • 2009

    BuzzCity establishes a presence in South Africa.

  • 2010

    We begin trading in Paris, France as Societe De Regie Publicitaire. In Dec'10 the network served 6.4 billion banners

  • 2010

    We establish an Indonesian representative office in Jakarta.

  • 2011

    In Dec 2011 the BuzzCity Ad Network served 13.8 billion banners.

  • 2013

    BuzzCity begins operations in London, UK. In Dec '13 the network delivered 25.2 billion ad banners.