Publishers Reap the Benefits of Mobile Advertising Growth

The mobile advertising market shows no sign of slowing, as BuzzCity reports 87.1 billion ads served this year so far, a 60% increase on the whole of 2010

London, October 12 2011: The adoption of mobile marketing by brands and marketers shows no signs of abating in 2011, according to the latest quarterly report from BuzzCity. In the third quarter, the BuzzCity network grew by 11%, with the top 20 countries delivering 78% (26.2 billion) of all banners served. Moreover, demand for locally relevant content has led to increased publisher earnings in key markets.

The BuzzCity Report, a quarterly summary of the trends and forces shaping mobile advertising, shows that in the third quarter of 2011, over 33.6 billion ad banners were delivered across the entire network of over 8,100 publisher sites, to reach an average of over 300 million unique users per month.

Following the upward trajectory of the first half of 2011, five markets now deliver over one billion ads per quarter. India, Indonesia, the US and Vietnam are joined by a new entrant to the ‘Billion Club’, Brazil.

Among handset manufacturers, Nokia maintains top spot (52%) as the most popular handset brand for internet access, followed by BlackBerry in second place (11%) and Samsung (10%).

While the UK still tops the European chart, Central and Eastern Europe emerged this quarter with triple-digit growth for the year to date. Russia, Serbia, Albania, Hungary and the Czech Republic have all grown well, and critical mass appears to be developing to serve mobile content players. The 167% growth of the region reflects the global adoption of mobile content promotions.

Other notable growth hotspots include:

  • Saudi Arabia, which secured a sixth successive quarter of growth and is a close contender for the Billion Club over the coming months. Mobile campaigns have been driven by demand for entertainment content.
  • The UK, the only major market where BlackBerry dominates as the leading handset, with 71.7%. Campaigns here are driven by heavy promotion of apps.
  • Poland, which saw a 69% increase in traffic this quarter, to reach a total of 370 million ads, compared with 98 million in the whole of 2010.
  • Turkey, which now delivers more than 350 million banners per quarter. Traffic for the year to date has already more than doubled that of 2010.

“We’re very pleased that in addition to traffic growth, mobile is also securing a bigger chunk of total adspend,” said Dr KF Lai, CEO of BuzzCity. “Publishers in countries with higher bid rates, including Thailand, Indonesia, the US and the UK, now have the opportunity to continue to invest in quality content and locally relevant web services – to build user loyalty, and ensure ongoing earnings.”

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