Getting Started

Whether you’re a mobile site owner or app developer, starting to earn revenue by implementing advertising from our ad network is simple and easy. This quick start guide covers the basics of setting up a publisher account on our network.

  1. Sign Up
    • Enter your company name, address and contact details.
  2. Choose your publisher settings
    • Once logged in, click on the Publisher > Publisher Info tab.
    • Select the categories of advertiser that you will accept on your site.
  3. Download our ad codes
    • Retrieve your ad codes. Pass these codes on to your technical team. Feel free to contact our publisher team directly should you need any assistance with integration into your site.
    • If you need to integrate our ads into an app, follow the instructions listed under ‘Software Development Kit (SDK)’ on the ad codes page.
  4. Monitor your site performance
    • Campaigns will start to be served into your site immediately, and you will earn revenue for each click that your site receives.
    • Be sure to check back frequently to monitor your earnings, and the number of ad impressions and clicks that you are receiving.

Need help with getting started?

No problem! You can reach us through our offices worldwide, or through our Feedback page.


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