Getting Started

Whether you are a mobile/website owner or an app developer, starting to earn revenue with advertising from our ad network is simple and easy.

These are the basic steps needed to start serving BuzzCity ads.

1. Sign up

Sign-up for a publisher account if you do not already have one.

2. Connect Your Site

As a publisher, you will have access to a comprehensive selection of APIs that you can implement to begin delivering ads.

3. Monitor Your Earnings

Through your Account management pages, you can select the advertisements that will appear on your site and view your earnings reports.

  • Web or Mobile Sites

    Start simple with a copy-and-paste action for Image ads or Text ads.

    Use our JavaScript which supports all ads types (including Rich Media ads) for desktops, smartphones and even feature phones.

    Alternatively, if you are running a very high traffic site, contact your Account Manager to explore our Advanced Batch API.

  • Mobile Applications

    Use our SDKs (for Android or iPhone) to streamline your integration with us.

    If your mobile application has to retrieve ads via your host server, you may consider using our Standard Server-Side API.

  • Blog Widgets

    We have developed plugins/widgets for Blogger and Wordpress to help bloggers to monetize their blogs.

    Once implemented, you can earn passive ad revenue as your audience grows.

Monetize your traffic

Brandsafe Channels

BuzzCity categorizes Publishers into several categories to help maximize the earnings from your content.

Publishers need to apply to be included in our brand safe channels (News & Information, Entertainment & Lifestyle, Portals and Utilities). You may otherwise be self-classified as General Content, Community or Glamour & Dating.

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Publishers can either choose to view their earning report by logging into the online Earnings Reports or use an API to extract the data remotely from their own server.

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