The BuzzCity Report provides a quarterly roundup of our activity in key markets, along with forecasts, features and analysis of new developments in the mobile internet.

Quarterly Report - Vol 5 Issue 2 - April 2015

Growth in online shopping, particularly on mobiles, have led to a boom in mobile transactions and banking. Mobile banking is poised to take over completely and banks that currently aren't employing that strategy are at a competitive disadvantage. As banks develop more services on mobile, it becomes important to communicate on the very devices they are offering their services on.

In this report, we feature mobile transaction habits and how this has rapidly changed over the last two years. While the study reveals the expected growth of mBanking, we note that increased usage also brings with it ongoing security concerns. In order to meet this, and other challenges, banks will need to develop integrated digital strategies and not just rely on a single medium to deliver their message.

As m-commerce gains momentum and more brands are turning to mobile advertising, which can be subject to fraudulent clicks. We look at how and why this occurs and share how fraud busting works at BuzzCity.

We also report on performance over the first quarter of 2015 during which our network delivered 88 billion paid ads and look at those hotspots that are driving mobile Internet marketing.

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