The BuzzCity Report provides a quarterly roundup of our activity in key markets, along with forecasts, features and analysis of new developments in the mobile internet.

Quarterly Report - Vol 6 Issue 2 - March 2016

In the first quarter of 2016, 46.5 billion ad banners were served across the network, as brands and mobile content services reached out to overseas markets. Despite this, the quarter was marked by cautious spends across the network and saw a drop of 8% in traffic against the last quarter.

Among these campaigns, South African retail brands launched their marketing initiatives in Zambia and Ghana while Malaysian mobile content services expanded into the Philippines and Uganda. In India, Automobile brands, Consumer Electronics and Personal Health products run awareness and booking campaigns. By the end of the first quarter, Indonesian campaigns topped media buys across the network as mobile content players and e-commerce portals took advantage of latent Indonesian traffic. Notable too is the resurgence of mobile content services in Thailand as independent providers target smartphone users with applications and services.

The report includes results of a study on the travel and tourism sector, one of is the leading growth sectors in mobile commerce. While the Internet remains a major source of information only 22% make their bookings online, with the the remainder make use of travel agents in varying degrees.

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